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Brighton & Hove Albion In TV e streaming

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Brighton & Hove Albion matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Brighton & Hove Albion are notable for their participation in the Premier League and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Brighton made their return to the Premier League in 2017 after a lengthy absence and so now their fans can watch the Sussex team play top-flight football on TV or a Brighton & Hove Albion Live stream each week. Although they are still new to Premier League tv listings, they are definitely making people enjoy its worth of the achieved. Have a look at a quick overview of The Seagulls.  

The Seagulls were formed back in 1901 and have had a bit of a turbulent history. Despite seeing some good successes between 1979 and 1983, where they played top-tier of football and even reached the FA Cup final against Man Utd, they also saw more turbulent times as well. They came under significant financial trouble and nearly exited the conference in 1999, which was a club low point. 

However, they regained form shortly after in the early 2000s when the club was bailed out thanks to a boardroom takeover. After some steady performances, they rose in the English footballing ranks as the quality of Brighton's football on tv improved. It was a long fought battle but eventually, they rose and finally returned to the Premier League in 2016-17, for the first time in 34 years. Although they have not made a large impact, they are still enthralling fans watching Brighton and Hove Albion live stream on TV.


For 14 long years, Brighton did not have a stadium of their own. That was until 2011 when Brighton made their home at the Falmer Stadium. It has a population of just over 30,000 people. As such, it has an ideal capacity to cater to the biggest Premier League tv events the team have been in over the last few years. Since The Falmer Stadium became theirs it has since been the location of some of the best Brighton & Hove Albion live stream and football on TV showcases they’ve ever displayed as a club.

Key Players 

The Seagulls key player is their frontman, Glenny Murray. He has scored more than 10 goals this season for Brighton and his displays have been impressing those who watch Premier league tv. AS there is still some time left until the end of the season, he will be added to that goal tally and enthralling all Brighton & Hove Albion live stream viewers at home.

Memorable TV Moment

Without a doubt for fans of Brighton, whether old or young, watching their team reach top-flight football for the first time in 34 years will most certainly stand out as one of their most memorable moments. This is particularly true for those who lived during the late 90s and saw the team struggling. They will be hoping for some even bigger events to showcase their ability either at Premier League tv level or even a higher level.