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Hull City In TV e streaming

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Hull City matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Hull City is notable for its participation in the EFL Championship and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Hull City Association Football Club is a football club that plays in the EFL Championship, England's second highest level of professional football! It was founded in June, 1904. They went professional in 1905, when they were allowed to participate in the Football League Second Division.

The Tigers Come Roaring Through!

The Tigers, as they're also known due to their particular kit, is one team from England that every football fan should watch! So, sit back and relax whilst we take you through the reasons why watching Hull City on TV is so great!

Name Change

On August 2013, the club's owner, Assad Allam, announced that the club will change its name to Hull Tigers. The decision was made, Allam said, because the initial name was too long and unoriginal. Many fans weren't happy about the proposed name change. However, when Allam submitted an application to the FA Council, the council didn't approve it, so Hull City kept its original name.

Colours and Crest

The first kit that Hull City played with had a white shirtblack shorts, and black socks. However, soon after, they decided on their iconic amber-and-black striped shirts with black shorts, earning them their nickname, and which remain their colours of choice!

In 1935, the Hull coat-of-arms was worn, but removed it later that year. In 1947, they wore an orange badge with a tiger's head, until 1957 where they only wore the tiger's head 'til 1960. The tiger's head was worn again in 1971, until 1975 where they switched to the club's initials HCAFC

In 1979, the tiger's head came back, this time with the club's name beneath it. This was worn until 1998, where they changed to a new crest with an amber shield bearing the tiger's head, the club's name and nickname. In 2014, the crest changed to the shield with the tiger's head and the club's year of foundation.


Between 1904 and 1905, the club played at the Boulevard, but only when it wasn't used for rugby leagues. So the team built their own ground, Anlaby Road, which opened in 1906. However, railroad works threatened to pass through the ground.

The club needed a new ground, but financial difficulties and the outbreak of World War II meant that a new club couldn't be built. In 1946Boothferry Park was finally built, which was Hull City's home for 56 years! Then, in 2002, the club moved to KCOM Stadium, their current home.

Key Players 

Jarrod Bowen, is definitely a valuable player, especially after having scored 21 goals this season! Then there's Fraizer Campbell who scored 12 goals this season! Last, but not least, there's Kamil Grosicki who has scored 9 goals!

Noteworthy Stats 

In 2014, they were the runners-up for the FA Cup. Not too shabby, huh? They were also the runners-up of the 2013 EFL Championship, and they managed to ascend to the highest level of professional football twice, in 2008 and 2016.

Ready to Roar?

We bet you're itching to watch football on TV or live stream now! But, when is Hull City on TV? Why not check football TV listings and Premier League TV listings? That way you'll catch Hull City on TV or live stream, Premier League on TV or live stream, and FA Cup on TV or live stream!