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Southampton In TV e streaming

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Southampton matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Southampton is notable for its participation in the Premier League and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Southampton F.C., better known as The Saints, is a professional association football club based in the South of England. The team has a checkered history but maintains a strong following. In fact, thousands tune in to Southampton lives stream, especially during the South Coast derby which is played against Portsmouth.

The team was founded back in 1885 at St. Mary's Church, and at the time was known as St. Mary's Young Men's Association F.C. Due to the team being a church football team, they quickly got the nickname of The Saints. In the team's long history it often found itself climbing up to the first division only to be relegated and then climb back up. Its latest relegation happened in 2005, and its return to the Premier League occurred in 2012.


St. Mary's stadium has been the come of The Saints since 2001. The facility can only hold 32,000 fans, so the rest of them eagerly follow Southampton on tv. One of the best seats in the house, normally reserved for dignitaries or VVIPs, is the Chapel Stand. St. Mary's has been built to such a high standard that it is one of only a few to merit the UEFA Four Star. 

Crest and Colours

For 85 years, Southampton F.C. used the same crest as the city itself, but this all changed in the 70s. Following a competition for the design of a new crest, Rolland Parris created what would become the club's crest for the following 20 years. In the 90s, the crest was modified further due to copyright issues.

The team's colours consist of stripes of alternating red and white. These colors are evident in the team's home colours, and the red element is also visible in the team's third colours. 

Key Players and Managers

Southampton F.C. can count several top players who have formed part of the team over the years. Fans who love watching Southampton on tv or at live matches are sure to have their personal favourites. Mick Channon tops the list of the team's goalscorers and appearances. Matt Le Tissier and Bill Rawlings follow Channon's statistics closely. Notable Managers include Lawrie McMenemy, who led the team through 225 match wins, and Ted Bates, who helped the team secure 333 wins.

Honours, Noteworthy Stats and Memorable TV Moments 

Amongst the team's many honours it counts a one time win and three-time runner up of the FA Cup. During the Premier League's history, the team played 765 matches, won 237 times and scored 927 goals. Whilst there are many memorable moments to talk about, the entertaining and effective performance given by Matt Le Tissier during a match at Wimbledon will surely resonate with the thousands of fans who watched him and Southampton on tv.

Whilst in the past a team such as Southampton F.C. would have been difficult to watch live, today the options are there. You can look out for Southampton tv listings to know when is Southampton on tv, pick your favourite station or web portal, sit back and enjoy The Saints making miracles.