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Tottenham Hotspur In TV e streaming

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Tottenham Hotspur Matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Apart from domestic competitions, Tottenham will also be participating in the UEFA Champions League.

There are no upcoming events for Tottenham Hotspur. Guarda le altre trasmissioni su Calcio

Historical Background

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is one of England's best professional football clubs, which plays in the Premier League, England's topmost professional football competition. The club was founded on September 5th, 1882, by schoolboys, whose leader was Bobby Buckle

It didn't take long for this club to go big though: they turned professional on the 20th December 1895 and won their first league, the Southern League, in 1900, A year later, in 1901, they won the FA Cup, becoming the only non-league team to have ever done so!

Audere est Facere

This fantastic team has been around for over a century, becoming one of England's top teams! 'To dare is to do' is their motto, but the only thing they won't dare to do is disappoint their audience! So, here's why every football fan should watch Tottenham Hotspur on TV!


The Spurs didn't have problems finding grounds during their existence, except in their initial years. At first, they played in a public park, until renting a pitch at Asplins Farm in 1888. However, as the team grew more popular, this pitch couldn't handle the increasingly massive crowds. So, in 1899, they moved to White Hart Lane, which became their home until 3rd April, 2019, where they moved to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium!

Crest and Kit

The club is named after Sir Henry Percy, an English nobleman who was nicknamed 'Hotspur' due to his readiness to charge into battles. It's also said that Percy was fond of fighting cocks that were fitted with spurs, which is why the club uses a cockerel as its crest!

The cockerel has featured in the Spurs' crest since 1921, but the design has changed a few times: between 1956 and 2006, the club used a coat-of-arms featuring heraldic symbols and a scroll with the club's motto. In 2006, they revamped their logo to a simpler, sleeker design of a cockerel perched on an old football.

In their early days, the Spurs changed their kit colours a few times: from navy blue, to white-and-cyan stripes, to red shirts and blue shorts, to a chocolate-and-gold striped kit. Finally, in 1899, they decided on white and navy blue as their official colours, which hasn't changed since.


Tottenham Hotspur has been passed from one owner to another for much of its existence. The history of the Spurs' ownership is one of being bought and sold by wealthy businessmen and companies; and, in fact, its current owners are ENIC International Ltd., a British investment company.


This team has a lot to show for, but we'll be sure to mention the best achievements under their belt! For starters, the Spur were the first ever British club to win the UEFA Cup in 1972 and the now-defunct UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1963! Moreover, they have won the FA Cup a total of 8 times

Spur on the Spurs on TV!

What a team, ay? All the better to make football on TV and live stream more thrilling! But, you can't find Spurs games and fixtures on TV? So, when is Tottenham Hotspur on TV? Checking football TV listings, and especially Tottenham Hotspur TV listings, will make sure you'll catch the Spurs on TV and live stream!