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Watford In TV e streaming

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Watford matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Watford is notable for its participation in the Premier League, EFL Cup and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

The Hornets, the Golden Boys, Yellow Army, and The 'Orns, Watford F.C. has more nicknames than it knows what to do with. The football club based in the south of the UK was founded over a century ago and plays in the Premier League. Its fans number in the thousands, not only in Hertfordshire but across the Isles and further afar. Many tune in every week to watch Watford on tv.

West Herts and Watford St. Mary's combined to form Watford Football Club in April 1898. The team had a difficult and challenging task to move up through the divisions against clubs who were better equipped and financed than it was. In 1976, the team welcomed the pop singer Elton John as its chairman, and within seven years the team was competing in the nation's highest division. Its success would not continue unabated, and the team lost its place in the Premier League until the 05/06 season when it returned.


Watford F.C. is currently based at Vicarage Road, but prior to their move, they were based at Cassio Road for 32 years. Loyal fans used to visit the stadiums to read Watford FC fixtures and watch their matches, although today much of this is done online. The club bought the stadium in 2001, however, was forced to sell it due to a worsening financial situation. Following a fundraising campaign named "Let's buy back the Vic", the club was able to purchase it permanently in 2004.

Crest and Colours

The club has quite a varied history in terms of its identity and colours. Fans watching the FA cup on tv in the past would have caught the Yellow Army in kits which included blue, green or white. Today, the team's colours are red and yellow. Similarly, the team's crest also underwent several changes. Once featuring a hornet, their crest today has a hart, better known as a male, red fallow deer. The hart has a yellow and black background and was chosen since it represents the football club's town.

Key Players and Managers

Troy Deeney, Heidar Helguson, and Tommy Smith are just a few names of Watford F.C. legends. Viewers who enjoy watching Watford live stream would certainly recognise these and other important players. Graham Taylor is one of the most successful managers, leading the team through from the fourth up to the first division. Fans rejoiced as they watched the 83/84 FA cup on tv, watching Taylor lead his team to be the championship's runner-ups.

Honours, Noteworthy Stats and Memorable TV Moments

The Hornets have been 2nd and 3rd Divisions League Champions once, and have also been a Runner up in the FA Cup. Fans have had many memorable moments watching Watford on tv, including Troy Deeney's Goal in the final two minutes of a match against Leicester. As those who watch the Premier League might know, Watford Fixtures include having played 222 matches, scored 235 goals and won 58 matches.

Watford F.C. is a team which is full of surprises. Fans who wish to know when to watch Watford on tv can visit their website or check out their favourite sport tv station.