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European Tour In TV e streaming

The PGA European Tour comprises the three leading golf tours in Europe and is a much-anticipated sport on tv event for golf fans. European tour tv is tuned in to by golf fanatics across the globe looking to get a glimpse of the best action that the golfing world has to offer. Whether they are watching the European tour on TV, via a European tour live stream, or even watching live at one of the events, it is a massively popular event for fans of golf.

So when is the European tour on TV? Well, right now as it happens across the year. However, before doing so, read this guide to the European tour, so when you are watching your European tour live stream or watching the European tour on tv, you know what is going on.

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Generic Overview

The European tour has been running for over 35 years, with the first event launching in 1972. It comprises three main tours within Europe, the Elite European Tour, the European Senior Tour and the developmental Challenge Tour. However, the first of these is one that is considered to be the major one.

It is considered the second most important tour in the golfing world, beaten only by the PGA Tour. It has proven incredibly competitive over the years and showcases the best of the best when it comes to golfing quality. With this in mind, It has universal popularity which is hence why the European tour TV listings are always an event well-looked forward to in the golfing calendar. 

Although it is known as the European tour, in actual fact, many of the events occur outside the parameters of Europe. Within Europe, the majority take place in Western Europe. In Ireland, Germany, France, Spain and the home of the European tour, the UK, is where the most lucrative events happen. It is universal in its popularity.

Status and Prize Money

The tour brags members that comprise of the top players in the golfing world, hence why it is considered the second most popular tour to watch in the world. Although members of the European Tour have varied over its history, it has seen as many as 7 of the top 10 golfers in the world being part of the tour.

While the tussle between members between the European Tour and the PGA tour remains, with the latter generally attracting more players, the exact comparison between them is hard to draw with each year the status of them varying. While it would be said that the PGA tour is unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon. 

In terms of prize money, there is a significant amount of variation in regards to this. Generally, events offer between $5-7 million, but this can depend. This may be part of the reason why the PGA tour attracts more golfers, as they generally have higher and more consist paydays for winners of their events, even average sized ones. In general, though, the higher end of the prize money spectrum for events in the European tour hits as high as $10,000,000.

Competition Format 

The competition consists of a series of different events that happen over the course of a year. However, although they are dated as one set year, the first events actually start at the end of a calendar year, around November, and then end around that same time a year later. For example, the 2019 European tour began in November 2018 and will end in November 2019. There can be well over 50 different events throughout the year, with each having a different location and prize fund for the winner. Each event holds a different status and also, different prize money, with this being reflective on the rankings of a golfer overall. 

Generally, all events before March take place outside of Europe, with the majority of European events happening after that date. At these events held within Europe, the prize funds are generally higher. However, different events across the world will be sprinkled in along the way. For example, the final event is usually in Dubai. This is why the competition is generally known as the Race to Dubai, with that being the location of the final event, so all the events lead up to this and that is where the winner is decided.

However, the format of the competition is frequently altered and changed, albeit only slightly. This can be due to a variety of different reasons, including changes in sponsorship or location. However, the overall structure remains the same. The winner of the European tour overall is decided by their ranking. This is determined by a golfer’s performance across that year’s events, with points awarded for performances at different rates depending on the status of that event. 

Top Golfers

As mentioned, the European Tour showcases the best of what the golfing world has to offer, with rankings constantly changing. However, some top golfers to look out for when watching the European tour on tv include four-time winner, Thomas Paul Fleetwood from England, winner of the 2018 masters, Patrick Reed from the US and Francesco Molinari, the first Italian to win a major, when he won the 2018 Open Championship and who won golfer of the year last year. However, the tournament is wide open at the moment and it is up for grabs to anyone, so you should do more research into form if you want to put your money in the right place.

Notable Records and Stats

Now deceased Spaniard, Seve Ballesteros holds the records for most European tour wins with 50. He is followed by Bernhard Langer from Germany with 42 and golfing legend, Tiger Woods is in his third place with 41. 10 behind Woods is the Scotsman, Colin Montgomerie, who also holds the record for most golfer of the year awards with 4.

The European tour for 2019 is already in full swing so you can head out and watch the European tour on tv right now, or simply head online and find a European Tour Live stream and watch on the go.